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Matt Gill

Dear Friend,

Look, there are literally hundreds of things you can do to bring traffic to your website...


After 10 years of testing more than 143 different traffic tactics, we discovered...

There Are Only 10 Timeless Traffic Methods You
Will Ever Need To Worry About.

And guess what?

All 10 of them are absolutely FREE to use.

How well do these 10 traffic tactics work?

Just listen to this...

We challenged Internet legend Willie Crawford to use these methods to generate 100,000 visitors to one of his brand new websites in 60 days—AND HE FAILED—

Instead he generated 1,016,240 visitors to his site in 61 days
ONLY using these 10 totally FREE methods!

Take a look at this screenshot from one of Willie Crawford's niche sites as a result of using X-Factor traffic tactics:

website traffic - before and after

Just look at the surge in daily visits from May to August. From 214 visits a day in May to 4,420 daily visits in August. We're talking more than TWENTY TIMES an increase in traffic!

You see, once you put these traffic-methods in motion you set off a "chain reaction" that effortlessly creates an avalanche of targeted visitors...using FAR better and more powerful techniques than SEO or paid search.

And It Gets Even Better Because
These Traffic Tactics...

  • Work in any kind of niche
  • Sell any kind of product or service
  • Work today, tomorrow and into the foreseeable future
  • Work without spending any money
  • Increase your traffic to more than a million visitors
  • Produce results in days


Creates An Unstoppable Force Of Traffic

And listen, if you stack and pack these tactics the way we show you, you will create what amounts to an "unstoppable force" of traffic pointing to your website.

How is that possible?

Because once the traffic gets rolling like an online locomotive, you could NOT stop it even if you wanted to. Stop for a moment and picture hordes of highly targeted traffic coming to your site everyday that continues to grow exponentially—that's what will happen when you know how to use these methods the right way.

Confession Time

Here's something interesting you're also going to discover... and it's something I must freely admit to you...

These traffic techniques are NOT the hottest, newest, or flashiest methods around.

In fact, they could be considered downright BORING... but they're constantly overlooked by amateurs, leaving them on the brink of failure in the long run because their newest traffic "fads" simply fizzle out and rob them blind.

Instead, we're going to show you the techniques that have passed the test of TIME over and over again... and we're going to show you how to do them the right way.

The magic behind these traffic techniques is that they multiply in power through "synergy" (more on this shortly) and bring you already-hungry prospects by the millions to your website...

They're the traffic methods used by the "big dog" players of the internet marketing world.

Look, We're Holding Nothing Back...

We're going to open the vaults of our 10 year online odyssey of working online with the best in the business on some of the biggest launches in Internet history cramming every shred of useful and immediately actionable information from our massive archive of in-the-trenches experience to give you the complete set of traffic generating methods you'll ever need for your business.

We had the opportunity to pick the brains of the most successful, most respected and most knowledgeable marketers on the Internet... and ask them the nitty-gritty questions and "behind the scenes" details about EXACTLY what they do to generate wave after wave of targeted traffic to their sites at no cost.

How do they generate traffic so unstoppable— that the only way they could stop it is to literally shut down their websites!?

We put together insider information that was only available from world-class marketers at the top of their game.

People like Mark Joyner, John Reese, Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, Willie Crawford, Ken Envoy, Russell Brunson, Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill are just a few of the people we had the privilege of putting on the traffic generating "hot seat".

Listen, these 10 most effective free traffic secrets are so simple, yet so powerful, that anyone can use them to turn their website into a predictable, money-making machine.

They're timeless, and proven to prevail over all other methods over and over again through the years.

And that's why to celebrate this 10 year odyssey we've put together this revolutionary package of the top breakthrough secrets we've uncovered from the past decade when it comes to web traffic...


Here's just a small taste of what you'll soon discover inside the X-FACTOR TRAFFIC package:

  • How to get a million hits of targeted traffic in under 60 days
  • Secrets of the 1.57 Billion Hit Man (what does John Reese know that you don't)
  • A simple blueprint powerful enough to quadruple your traffic in the next 30 days...without spending a penny
  • The "can't lose" tactic the big dog marketers rely on to unleash a tidal wave of traffic to their sites...and why beginners usually get it all wrong
  • How to quickly tell where the sweet spot of your market is...and how to use that information to propel your traffic
  • The 4 crucial traffic techniques you must master...and the simplest way to attract a steady stream of visitors.
  • A sneaky way to use private label rights to power up your traffic potential.
  • How to create funnel systems the right way, so your traffic always has a logical place to go next and why you must never leave your prospects hanging
  • How to stack and pack traffic techniques for maximum impact and why the right combination will produce explosive results
  • Exactly what to say (and how to say it) on social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) to effectively get people to visit your site, join your email list and buy your products and services—without getting banned or being perceived as a spammer
  • The EXACT tools you need to use (most of them totally free) to use social marketing as an effective, efficient and fun traffic generation method.
  • And so much more!

Here's Exactly What You'll Get With The X-FACTOR TRAFFIC Package:

  • X-Factor Traffic eBooks Over 100 pages of concise and in-depth, step-by-step instruction and tutorials on the Top 10 Totally Free Traffic Tactics Of The Last Ten Years. No Fat. No Bull. Just solid, 100% 'Grade-A Angus Beef' of unadulterated traffic magic.
  • X-Factor Traffic Audio Over 25-Hours of Audio Web Traffic Tutorials from many of the absolute best web marketers of all-time including:

    • Willie Crawford
    • Mark Joyner
    • Dr. Ken Evoy
    • Kevin Wilke & Matt Gill
    • Shawn Collins
    • Yanik Silver
    • Russell Brunson
    • John Reese
    • Tellman Knudson
    • And Many More...
  • X-Factor Traffic Video Nearly 2 Full Hours of Behind-the-Scenes Video on how to build real-life web marketing and traffic generation systems.
  • First Look At X-Factor's Newest Way to Flood Your Site with a Ton of High-Quality Visitors that are ready and wanting to buy your products or services right now...Social Media Marketing.
  • Bonus #1: "Top Traffic Tactics of the World's Best Web Marketers" This 4-Part 48-page, 8+ Audio series includes behind the scenes lessons on best and worst traffic tactics personally used by everyone from Mark Joyner and Yanik Silver to GoDaddy's Bob Parsons and SiteSell's Dr. Ken Evoy. (a $388 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Trafficology's Mystery Bonus. So top secret I can't even write it down in public. (a $197 Value!)

Even better still, you'll get all the insider secrets for a fraction of what everyone else had to pay...

Listen: the only way you could have previously had access to this insider information, was to be a member of Trafficology. But, because of this special promotion, you're not going to have to pay 1/100th of the suggested value of this powerful package.

Besides—after all the frustration and misinformation you've had to suffer through in the past trying to learn the secrets to generating traffic, you deserve something special.

So here's the deal... when you order today, you get the entire X-FACTOR TRAFFIC package, including:

  • 100+ page of meaty, in-depth training
  • The 34 audio interviews
  • The 4 videos
  • And the 2 exclusive bonuses...

All for the amazingly low price of only $27!

That price is NOT a misprint!


"I generated over 1 million visitors"

"Using these 10 tactics (and these 10 tactics alone) I generated over 1 million visitors to a brand new website in just 60 days.

I've used the tactics in this book on 142 different websites in 23 different niches and...NEVER FAILED – they work every time.

This is the best book on web traffic generation ever written. Every webmaster...everyone with a website should own it!

It's like printing money...there's just no excuse not to get it."

Willie Crawford


"I have gotten 1200 new visitors and have seen my sales increase 20%!"

"With 'X-Factor', I have gotten 1200 new visitors and have seen my sales increase 20%! It has also made me more aware of the techniques I can use to even further improve the traffic to my website and helps me to stay on track and keep improving."

Marian Van De Ven


"I would recommend 'X-Factor Traffic' to ANYONE who needs more traffic"

"Most of the traffic tactics in X-Factor were things I already knew of... but what I learned from Dearl and Willie were new ways to apply those tactics to make them even more effective. The 'Master's Course' so-to-speak.

I would recommend 'X-Factor Traffic' to ANYONE who needs more traffic. FREE traffic is the best kind because you can always afford it. The secret is to create a steady stream. These guys will definitely help you do that!"

Kathy Maestas

What Makes Our Program Different From
Everything Else Out There...

I realize there are endless programs out there that will promise you the world when it comes to generating traffic to your website.

Some will say they'll do it all for you (for a HEAVY price tag), others will offer to simply "turn on" traffic to your site like a light switch sending you a bunch of junk... and others will show you the latest and greatest traffic "fads" that will only be short-lived, leaving you even more frustrated than before...

There is so much garbage out there when it comes to "how to" generate traffic, it's enough to make you sick.

Often what's missing is a traffic generating system that's all tied together. And even though the traffic methods in "X-Factor Traffic" can be applied and used separately, they all feed off of each other.

This is the concept of synergy taught in "X-Factor Traffic" that will downright SHOCK you when you see the results. After you build one traffic method, the next one you implement will get multiplied.... very quickly.

And it bears repeating: absolutely none of these traffic methods will Never COST YOU A PENNY! (what you decide to do with all the extra money you save is entirely up to you).

It's no theory... no hype... no BS... and not a shred of filler or useless information. You'll only discover proven, insider, ever-green tactics and strategies that will work today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

Not to mention... you'll also discover how to have people already SOLD on your product before they get your website, multiplying your conversions immediately.

You Also Get A 60 Day No-Risk
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Our promise to you is simple. Order your personal copy of X-FACTOR TRAFFIC, go through the manuals, special reports, listen to all the audios, watch the videos and enjoy the 3 free bonuses.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the information simply request a refund during the next 60 days and I'll personally guarantee that you receive all your money back... no questions asked. No hassles and no problems.

We always want to do right by you and never intend to do anything to ruin the trust you've placed in us. You have our word on that.

Besides, I feel darn certain that you'll be "blown away" by both the quality and power of this information.

So get in on this now—before this special anniversary promotion is over—and the doors slam shut. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain... especially after you consider everything that X-FACTOR TRAFFIC program will do for your business!

Bottom line: There is NOTHING better than totally free traffic.

And when you grab X-FACTOR TRAFFIC today, you'll know exactly how to get all the traffic you could ever want without being at the mercy of a search engine, seo expert, a guru spouting the latest fad or a fraud-filled affiliate network!

Your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes! Please let me have access to X FACTOR TRAFFIC as soon as possible! I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Immediately after ordering, I will receive instant access so I can download everything immediately...


Ordering is fast, easy, and 100% secure.
You will have immediate access to
everything once you place your order.


So many people are confused, chasing the latest and greatest, bright and shiny strategy—hoping it will hold the answer to their traffic generation problems... only to have their hopes beaten down like a piñata after they try and fail once again.

The life of financial freedom or never having to get up for "work" again completely eludes them because they simply can't get visitors to their sites and sell their products.


Do you want to continue "playing" around with generating traffic and continue to see terrible results? Or do you want to join the ranks of the marketing "big dogs" and base your business on sound traffic generation principles that will free you from ever having to spend your hard-earned money or breaking your back for traffic?

Armed with the knowledge you will get through X-Factor Traffic, you will gain the life-blood for your business... and you'll know that you've made an investment that will give you up to 100,000 % in return for your money over and over again for the rest of your life.

You will no longer need to worry about increasing your conversion rates, because the massive amounts of traffic you'll be getting will more than make up for it. What you lack in conversion, you will make up for it by sheer volume! You'll also learn strategies that will bring already-sold visitors to your site, which will skyrocket your conversion rates.

This is usually the final step for an online entrepreneur to truly become the SUCCESS they can be proud of, and tell their friends and family about... not to mention being able to provide for your family and having a large impact on tons of lives with your business.

You are ready to STEP UP to the next level...

Yes! I Want To Flood My Website With High Quality
FREE Traffic NOW!

Enjoy all the Traffic!

Matt Gill
Matt Gill

P.S. If you're tired of breaking your back on the latest traffic "fads" and getting very little results for your hard efforts, and you don't have the knowledge or technical skill to get ranked highly on the search engines fast enough, and you're on a shoe-string budget so pay-per-click and other paid traffic methods are simply out of the question, then this program will give you the golden key.

It will literally POUR traffic onto your website with ready-to-buy visitors in weeks if not days... with the same 10 traffic techniques Willie Crawford used to generate well over 1 million visitors to his site in 2 months flat without spending a dime!

P.P.S. Don't forget, you get a 60-day, iron clad, "no questions asked" money back guarantee, so you simply cannot lose. We've removed all of the risk for you to get this package offer today (while it lasts). If you're not getting a at least 10 times the amount of traffic as you're getting now weeks from today, and you're conversion rate hasn't skyrocketed... then simply return it for a full refund.

P.P.P.S. People always tell you "It takes money to make money." That may be true. BUT—it will take a whole lot less money when you're able to get all the traffic you could ever want for FREE.

Yes! I Want To Flood My Website With High Quality
FREE Traffic NOW!


"Since 'X-Factor', my sales have doubled"

"Since 'X-Factor', my sales have doubled. It is hard to really quantify home much of that can be directly attributed to X-Factor alone but I would say it is probably a good proportion. Previous to 'X-Factor', I was using a very scattered approach to getting traffic.

After X-Factor, I decided to focus on only one or two of the tactics I learned from this 'course' and completely ignore all the latest traffic 'products' being touted as the 'next big thing'. Since all of the 'X-Factor' tactics are very sound, this approach worked great for me. I would certainly recommend X-Factor to anyone interested in getting more traffic because of both the high-quality, proven, information and the extremely low price."

Gary Martin


"My increase in traffic and sales – FAST – is enough convincing for me to give X-Factor my wholehearted endorsement"

"As a newcomer to Internet Marketing, X-Factor traffic methods were super-easy for me to implement and I saw almost near immediate results. My 'investment' in the course was well worth it I would highly recommend the program because of the awesome value it provides. My increase in traffic and sales – FAST – is enough convincing for me to give X-Factor my wholehearted endorsement. "

Don Brown


"I have seen a 100% increase in new visitors and about a 20% increase in sales"

"I know this sounds hard to believe, but with X-Factor, I have seen a 100% increase in new visitors and about a 20% increase in sales.

Even though some of the tactics and techniques covered were already known to me, X-Factor shared a more in-depth discussion and I was able to pick up lots of additional tips that I can implement in my business. I would anyone who wants to build a rock-solid and continuous flow of traffic to their site to get their own copy of X-Factor Traffic."

Glen Lim


"My new visitors have increased 25% and my sales – 12%"

"My new visitors have increased 25% and my sales – 12%. I learned a lot of unique approaches that were...refreshing...(but I'm not going to give it all away) and new to me (even though I've done a lot of other web traffic programs before). This is honestly the greatest traffic 'course' out there! If you want a new strategy that works to build your traffic and capture more opt-ins for your list then RUN to get this program!"

Rev. Martha A Snee, MBA, MSC


"I have been really impressed at the access you have to the TOP experts"

"There are many people and products out there teaching 'traffic generation'. But I have been really impressed at the access you have to the TOP experts. I have been a member of the monthly Trafficology program but this X-Factor Traffic System was well worth the SMALL investment."

Preston Rahn


"I have increased my clients' new visitors 10,000s"

"I create traffic for clients. Using the tactics in X-Factor, I have increased my clients' new visitors 10,000s. we're glad we found Dearl and Willie early on because they helped save us a STEEP learning curve when we first began working with our customers and their online strategies.

We've seen pretty much EVERYTHING out there when it comes to traffic (and certainly believe in the advantage of the slight edge) but nothing beats that first 'win' which came from having the big picture laid out so clearly by the Trafficology team. Dearl has this traffic 'business' down pat. With so many new fads and tricks being floated on the Internet, it's super-reassuring to come across a guy who just deals it straight. The things covered in X-Factor are what works...and works WELL. You owe it to yourself to at least compare the knowledge you THINK you have about generating traffic against what Dearl Miller has to say. Odds are...unless you've run through his're probably missing something in your traffic strategy. And that's not good, right?"

Simon Garrity


"After X-Factor, I got 8000 new visitors and 3000 new sales"

"After X-Factor, I got 8000 new visitors and 3000 new sales. You can spend a lot of time trying all the "new" traffic techniques and get almost no new prospects. The X-Factor analyzes exactly what works now and gives you the specific way to take advantage of all the techniques.

I have only used half the X Factor techniques and the added sales were very nice... Stop wasting your precious time buying countless e-books (like I did before) and get the X Factor. I also highly recommend the Trafficology membership for the next step."

Karolos Tsiligirian


"X-Factor has helped me get more than 2,000 new visitors and increase my sales 18%"

"X-Factor has helped me get more than 2,000 new visitors and increase my sales 18%. In the short time since applying X-Factor Traffic, I've been able to ramp up my visitors by implementing only THREE of the awesome traffic methods shared in the course.

I wish I had found X-factor Traffic sooner as I would have saved A LOT of valuable time fumbling around trying to piece together a lot of different traffic generation methods. Dearl Miller lays out the whole traffic-generation enigma step-by-step in X-Factor Traffic. If anyone is considering taking advantage of this incredible course, decide RIGHT NOW to jump off the fence and take action."

Dan O'Connor


"WOW... I've gotten 4500 new visitors and my sales have increased 11% with X-Factor"

"WOW... I've gotten 4500 new visitors and my sales have increased 11% with X-Factor. I've also received knowledge I would not have found otherwise and feel that it was well worth the purchase. Plus, l got to learn from TWO masters! This was the usual high standard I've come to expect from Dearl. I remember contacting him when he first started Trafficology and he was very helpful. Definitely recommended."

Derek Tither


"X-Factor has helped me to get 7500 new visitors and increase my sales 40%"

"X-Factor has helped me to get 7500 new visitors and increase my sales 40%! Hey guys...for such a small price, X-Factor Traffic was a Godsend! We have a company that provides business transformation (classroom and online; live and self-paced) learning for businesses and governments around the world.

Our web presence is the most important part of our web strategy. By applying the techniques that Dearl and Willie (and several others discussed in the material, we have been able to dramatically extend our reach in our relatively small – but extremely competitive – niche. Thanks guys for a great learning experience!"

Derril Watts


"These techniques are simple and straight-forward AND THEY WORK!"

"X-Factor has given me insight into the fact that 'effective' traffic generation does not have to be complicated. These techniques are simple and straight-forward AND THEY WORK! Can you ask for more than that?

Without question, I do recommend this X-Factor course to anyone who has tried and failed. Or has just become confused by the myriad of differently expressed ways of finding traffic 'out there'. I was...and this course sorted me out quickly. The most powerful technique for me was in the two lines printed in red in the middle of Technique #5. So obvious. So simple. SO POWERFUL but easy to miss!"

Michael Bardzil


"1,000,000 new visitors and a 1,000% increase in sales"

"1,000,000 new visitors and a 1,000% increase in sales. Need I say more? I have been applying some of the strategies laid out in x Factor Traffic to several of my websites and the results have been great.

Anything from Dearl Miller and Willie Crawford is worth buying. Almost all the important traffic generation methods can be found in X-Factor traffic. It's really a great investment!"

Kenneth Koh


"A 50% sales increase!"

"A 50% sales increase! Just learning to write articles for submission has sent a ton of traffic my way. I really enjoyed Willie's thoughts on this and learning more and more about integration them into an overall marketing plan. These are all pretty easy to use and the learning curve is not hard. You don't get much cheaper than free traffic either and these methods really get results."

Neil Howe


"Has made a noticeable improvement in the amount of traffic I'm getting"

"There are a lot of traffic books and courses out there but just implementing some of what I learned has made a noticeable improvement in the amount of traffic I'm getting.

At one point, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of hours with Willie Crawford and a nicer and more knowledgeable person would be hard to find. Just seeing his name associated with something makes me very interested in it and I have never been disappointed."

David Husnian


"I am getting 1000 new visitors a month and my sales have increased 20%"

"Since X-Factor, I am getting 1000 new visitors a month and my sales have increased 20%. X-Factor traffic has shown me that the old 'tried but true' methods of traffic-generation still work the best. Old school methods may not be as sexy as all the new Web 2.0 stuff but they still work very effectively if consistently applied."

Jim Chancellor


"If you keep working at applying the X-Factor lessons you WILL (even if you have 'challenges' like I do) see your traffic and sales increase."

"I have to tell you...I am a 'tech-dunce'. Ask my subscribers! I'm not very good at marketing either. BUT...that hasn't stopped me. If you keep working at applying the X-Factor lessons you WILL (even if you have 'challenges' like I do) see your traffic and sales increase. Just try the ones your most comfortable with initially and then work your way up from there. And NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!

Carole Pagan


"Can't believe how EASY this really is!"

"Now that I've learned what to do and how to do it, I'll be applying what I've learned into monetizing all my upcoming sites. Never thought I'd get as much opt-ins as I did from a single lead generation test for a total IM newbie like me. Can't believe how EASY this really is! Wow, wow, wow!! This information is top notch! Perfect for newbies like me. I would not have gotten such phenomenal results without it! "



"I have started my business after getting my copy of the X-Factor and made my first sales ever on the Internet"

I would highly recommend investing money on this program because it is fantastic. You are going to learn tons of new information. I have started my business after getting my copy of the X-Factor and made my first sales ever on the Internet. I'm happy to have invested in this program!



"You get solid choices that give great results with less work"

I really appreciated the clarity of this program. It was clear that there was some real work behind it, not just a kitchen table scramble over a beer. There is a good choice of methods and something for everyone!

If you're tired of page-filling word diarrhea with too many choices just to fill pages and provide enough complexity to create shock and awe, this program is the one to get instead.

It is the #1 most clear program of all internet marketing programs I have bought (which is most of them). You get solid choices that give great results with less work, and less risk of "paralysis by analysis."

B.J. Ahlen

Your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes! Please let me have access to X FACTOR TRAFFIC as soon as possible! I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Immediately after ordering, I will receive instant access so I can download everything immediately...


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